The Future of Biofuels: Exploring Intellego™ ERP Software

bioenergy plant utilizing organic waste to produce biogas for heating and electricity, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

With the demand for biofuels expected to increase by 28% until 2026, agribusinesses are more motivated than ever to scale their efforts.

However, scaling complex business processes is difficult without a good understanding of your current operations and costs. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system could be a viable option to support these efforts, but only when the system in question can deliver the key perks biofuel companies need.

The Beyond team is ready to help you scale your efforts and find that ERP software. You can reach out to us online now or keep reading to learn more about an exciting solution designed for the future of biofuels: Intellego™.

What Is the Intellego™ ERP System?

Intellego™ is a powerful ERP software specifically designed to meet the unique needs of companies involved in ethanol production.

It’s an intuitive solution, part of the Microsoft Dynamics GP ecosystem that gives businesses better control of their process.

The core modules of Intellego™ include:

  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Contract Management
  • Shipment Processing
  • Invoice Processing
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Risk Reporting and Analysis, etc.

Intellego™ brings multiple business processes into a single software solution, giving companies more control over them than ever before.

How Intellego™ Supports the Future of Biofuels

Intellego™ Supports the Future of Biofuels - Group of rows of green stacked biofuel drums in storage warehouse


Though demand is growing, biofuel manufacturers still face high competition from fossil fuel entities, which are generally favored through government policies in many countries.

Even as you try to scale your efforts and compete, you can meet several challenges that could hinder progress:

  • Enhancing agricultural production for biofuels without affecting food production
  • Meeting new regulatory standards that could roll out in the future
  • Managing production equipment and preventing erosion
  • Scaling an already costly process
  • Providing a more sustainable energy source without simultaneously damaging the environment, etc.

This is why agribusinesses should adopt ERP solutions into their operations. Intellego™, specifically, the tool aims to bridge the gaps between your different processes and provide you with a complete overview of your business functions.

It’s designed to help agribusiness keep up with changes in the biofuels industry and enhance their operations.

Benefits of Adopting the Intellego™ Software System

Adopting an ERP software like Intellego™ can provide your business a competitive edge through several key benefits:

1. Streamlining Business Processes

Unlike regular business management software, Intellego™ isn’t limited to a singular business process.

Instead, you can have a complete overview of your operations and how they interact. This can enable you to spot inconsistencies or gaps in your production, which could be costing you valuable time and money.

Many software solutions for the agribusiness sector tend to focus more heavily on the financial aspect of companies. However, Intellego™ provides a wider, integrated management across several departments:

  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Production
  • Supply chain, etc.

2. Saving Time and Money

Time is Money: Sand Clocks with Coins on a Table

The core role of ERP technology is to help companies reduce costs and save time on repetitive tasks.

Intellego™ helps automate processes that take your employees too much time to perform manually. Even if you only consider its ability to gather information in one interface, you can already imagine how simpler it would be for key members in your organization to access data, provide it to other members, or even update it when necessary.

3. Fostering Better Employee Cooperation

ERP systems can help overcome many of the challenges agribusinesses face regarding communication and cooperation.

The larger a business is, the more segmented its human resources will be. This leads to several issues regarding cooperation, as most department’s activity depends on each other or is reliant on the same information.

By integrating processes in ERP systems, all these departments will have access to relevant and updated information whenever necessary. Intellego™ and other systems also specifically include features designed to facilitate collaboration between members.

4. Optimizing Supply Chain Management

ERP software also offers several modules designed to help your company improve how it manages its supply chain.

It improves planning, centralizes procurement, tracks orders, and more. This, in turn, could result in other secondary benefits, such as a better relationship with key members of your supply chain. Intellego™ solutions can help you spot issues in your operations because they become a nuisance for your collaborators. 

5. Better Scaling Opportunities

Intellego™ helps improve productivity and introduce efficiency into your operations. When integrating it into your business, you’ll first need to take a closer look at how it’s currently run, which could reveal many areas of improvement even before onboarding begins.

Once in effect, the solution helps address pressing business needs and ultimately leads to a better-managed company with less waste, fewer unnecessary costs, and better relationships with partners and even employees.

This increased efficiency also creates the ideal environment to scale your efforts and tap into growing biofuel demands. Not only will you have the funds, but you will also have the data to know which scaling efforts to first leverage.

Final Thoughts

The future of biofuels is exciting, but businesses that want to leverage all the potential it brings first need to ensure their operations can keep up with the demand.

Enterprise resource planning systems may provide your company with the right edge it needs to tackle growing demands. If you’re interested in such a solution or a change to your current ERP system, the Beyond team is ready to help you access a personalized tool that can meet your unique demands.

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