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Beyond's products and services provide industry-leading solutions for the grain processing industry. Whether it is grain to food or grain to fuel, Beyond has the products and services that can assist your growth and profitability. Grain processing, including cereal and pulse processing, is one of the oldest and most important of all food technologies and forms a large and important part of the food production chain. Grain pulses are grown widely throughout the world and their dietary and economic importance is globally appreciated and recognized. Today, the grain processing industry is as diverse as its range of products. Practically every meal produced contains grains in some form, while the range of non-food applications is increasing daily, all of which presents enormous processing challenges to food manufacturers.

As the demand for additional products from grain continues to grow so does the increase and change in technology to not only produce but to account for current and future products. The fourth industrial revolution or digital transformation brings forward vast amounts of data. The information is generated from different segments of the supply chain, some currently useful and some not currently required. The Beyond team of experts will work with you to separate the usable information and assist you in importing the data and enhancing your business processes to make this information valuable to your business.

The Markets We Serve

Spelt bran and grains
  • Grains

Pulses food selection in olive wood spoons
  • Pulses

Rapeseed plant with yellow flowers
  • Oilseeds

assortment of tasty nuts
  • Nuts

Pile of white rice on white
  • Rice

Ears of wheat
  • Feed

Fresh flour and ears of wheat
  • Flour

Green Gas Pump
  • Biofuels

What is Grain Accounting in the Microsoft bundle of applications?

Beyond's grain accounting software applications start with a financial application foundation, Dynamics GP or Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. From this solid financial base, the core product is extended to meet the needs of agricultural grain accounting. Grain accounting along with manufacturing and sales are strong attributes of Beyond's solution.

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