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Our Story

John Christianson was raised on a family farm in rural Minnesota where he learned the value of resilience, teamwork and community.
Growing up, he worked the farm alongside his parents and siblings, but eventually went to college and got his CPA license. This combination of farming experience and accounting education proved to be invaluable as the 1980s farm crisis devastated the ag economy. John started his accounting career by stepping directly into the fire, helping farmers in his community – some of them neighbors – build financial resilience during some of the ag industry’s darkest days.
Soon, John had a growing accounting firm, known as Christianson CPAs & Consultants, with deep expertise in agriculture and an innate passion for new market opportunities. This placed Christianson at the forefront of an emerging ethanol industry pioneering the “Minnesota Model” for ethanol production, a public/private partnership benefiting rural communities by providing jobs and retaining profits locally – all things in direct alignment with the Christianson values.
In 2003, Christianson’s market-driven mindset led the firm to
design and build an ERP system specifically for the ethanol industry.

Our Customers

The technology, called Intellego, has been the backbone of their “system solutions” offering, combining financial consulting with custom-designed software to solve three critical problems facing ethanol operations:
  1. Gathering and gaining visibility to key operational and market data
  2. Converting and combining vast amounts of data into valuable, actionable information
  3. Leveraging that information to make strategic, market savvy business decisions that promote profitability and drive success
Today, Christianson’s success in solving these problems for the renewable fuels industry and their vision for new market possibilities has inspired them to spin off a new business called Beyond. It will combine their deep experience in agribusiness with a renewed sense of entrepreneurial agility to focus entirely on helping companies in niche markets like renewable fuels and grain processing optimize their operations and innovate around new opportunities in agriculture.
As the owner of Beyond, John Christianson will once again step forward during an unprecedented
market crisis to help build resilience and pioneer new opportunities for our agribusiness community.

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