Connected Systems

Agribusinesses today face a range of unique challenges, which Levridge Software’s cloud-based platform is designed to address. Key issues include the complexities of commodity procurement and processing, stringent risk management requirements, and the dynamics of agricultural sales. 

These businesses must also navigate the intricate maze of managing extensive supply chains, adhering to specific agricultural regulations, and dealing with diverse billing and inventory systems. Moreover, the need for accurate and efficient management of financial records, regulatory compliance, and inventory tracking presents additional hurdles.

Streamline Your Agribusiness

Levridge optimizes agribusiness operations by integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365, enhancing essential financial processes and introducing key ag-specific functionalities. This includes advanced features like billing split management, prepayment tracking, and rebate handling, improving financial accuracy and operational efficiency.

The platform supports various agribusiness types, including cooperatives and grain elevators, with specialized tools for equity and patronage management, and offers ag retailers efficient solutions for billing, payments, and inventory management. Its cloud-based nature ensures secure, real-time data access, facilitating future integrations with technologies like AI and machine learning for smarter agribusiness operations.

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