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Intellego 18.55

Intellego 18.55 contains  33 improvements  and  24 enhancements including advancements toward usability and input  changes, to maximize the completeness and accuracy of information.

Here are some highlights of Intellego 18.55 release:


  • Improved data sharing and document exchange capabilities.
  • Changes to AgXML 4.0 services that minimize the time and effort to capture and update information from other sources, including Sales Contract Import/Export, Purchase Contract, Purchase Contract Price, and Purchase Load Imports. These changes will increase your ability to enforce your business rules upon import.


  • New Archive capabilities improve search and reporting performance for Process Manufacturing and Long Short.
  • New DPR Credit Sales Separation functionality to reduce effort to comply with Iowa’s Grain Dealer licensing requirements.
  • Load reassignment feature now has a Mark All function to reduce time and effort reassigning loads to contracts.
  • Deletion of posted Sales Contracts is now allowed in the Document Utility.
  • The Purchase Contract Mass Roll window now allows users to enter a ticker on Quantity Rolls and gives you the ability to do a Price Roll on additional Contract Types of Futures Fixed and Other.
  • Restrict the ability to schedule loads that will exceed contract limits.
  • Purchase Contracts and Sales Contract E-mail Options have been added for emailing contract price confirmations and amendments directly from Intellego.


  • Intellego is now compatible with GP’s GP Customer/Vendor Combiner and Modifier capability to reduce the effort to change customer/vendor information.

Intellego R18.55 M6 – What’s New

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