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Intellego – Update R18.54 M5

Beyond is pleased to announce the release of Intellego 18.54.

Below are some highlights of new features.

  • Load Reassignment will now allow the selection of all load orders at one time.
  • Lienholders will now be included in the Safe Pay file, with some report modifications.
  • Payables Transaction Entry Zoom Window now has the ability to drill back to Freight Inquiry.
  • Grain Summary report NEW has increased performance.
  • Customer Summary will now show delivery details.
  • IA Credit Sales Separation reporting on DPR.
  • Purchase Contracts now have a field for tracking Priced By Date for reporting purposes.
  • Intellego batches will now provide a warning and now allow posting if someone has the batch selected or is posting it.

Intellego R18.54 M5 – What’s New – Download PDF Here

Intellego R18.54 M5 – Fixed Issues ListDownload PDF Here

Support:  866-593-9269 opt. 1 or Email: [email protected]

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